Food for Thought: Price vs Value

Food for Thought: Price vs Value

by Ardith Hoff

Comedy writer Megan Amram wrote, "I just spent $30 on apples at Whole Foods and then dropped both of them!" Reader's Digest, February 2015, p.95

We all complain about prices.  It is hard for some of us to believe how much prices have gone up over the years.  We try to save money where we can but might be willing to spend a little more for things that are truly important to us.

We are skeptical, and rightly so, of deals that seem too good to be true.  We don’t like to be taken advantage of, so we do our homework and check out the competition to make sure we are not paying too much.  Then too, we try to be careful to weigh the price against quality.  Sometimes it pays to spend a little more to get better quality in something that needs to last a long time or is better for us.  Other times it seems foolish to spend more for things that are only of temporary value.

When my grandchildren, who live in another state, were young I would send birthday cards with a little money in them.  I always shopped for an appropriate card that I thought each of them might enjoy.  However, once I happened to be there to see one of them open my card, I soon realized that the envelope and card were quickly cast aside for what he knew was the real prize.

Relative value is a difficult concept even for adults.  Sometimes we associate the price paid with the value of an item, yet we all know that the most valuable gift of all (the gift of salvation) though it cost Jesus His life, is free to us.  Some people are skeptical that anything that is free could actually be of great value, but this is one case where we have to suspend our usual skepticism and know that because God loves us, He was willing to sacrifice his only Son in order that the price for our sins be paid in full. 

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” Romans 6:23