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What We Believe as United Methodists

Christians believe in the love of Jesus Christ that reaches out to all creation. Christians are called to serve wherever Christ would have us work to heal and free others through the power of the Holy Spirit. In this, United Methodists are like most other Christian denominations. But there are also a few ways we express our faith that is distinctive from others.

 Through this series, we will explore what we believe not just as Christians, but more specifically, what we believe as United Methodists. We have a wonderful heritage in Methodism. Explore with us.

♦  Dressed for Success: Ephesians 6:10-20
♦  Means of Grace: Ephesians 2:1-10
♦  Three Simple Rules: 3 John & Galatians 5:13-14
♦  Social Holiness: Micah 6:6-9 NIV
♦  Two Promises: Matthew 26:26-30, Matthew 28:15-20
♦  Moving Toward Perfection: Philippians 3:12-16

The Word You Need to Hear!

The Bible is filled with wonderful scripture filled with lessons that God wants to teach us.  And we all have questions about them!  What piece of scripture has been weighing on your heart lately?  What passage do you want more explanation on?  Our congregations were asked these questions and submitted the scripture passages that they wanted to hear more about.  Join us in this sermon series as we explore these passages and discover what they hold for our lives!

Where are we going?

Have you ever gone on a journey that did not change you?  Maybe it wasn’t a big change, but every journey that we go on changes us at least a little bit. When we go on a journey we see things and hear things that are new to us, and they change us.

During this sermon series, we’re going to go on a journey with some Biblical heroes and find out how their lives changed because they answered Gods call and followed Him. Are you ready for a journey?

God Gives Second Chances

Examining Jonah

♦  Jonah, What Were You Thinking? - Jonah 1 (currently unavailable)
♦  Jonah, Jonah, Don't Lie to God! - Jonah 2
♦  Second Chances - Jonah 3
♦  Be What You Believe - Jonah 3 & 4

Life is full of questions.  Many, many questions.  But questions are good… they make you think.  As we walk through the Bible, we’re often presented with many deep questions… and very seldom does the Bible give us easy answers.  God wants us to realize that nothing in life is black and white, so He gives us a lot of gray in the Bible.

Take the story of Jonah… the cute little story about the little guy who gets swallowed up by the whale. As kids we think about Jonah wandering around in the belly. What would he find? Did he see the ribs of the whale? Was there water in the belly of the whale? Did Jonah find undigested fish in the belly? Ewwh!!

As we get older though our questions change.

Was being swallowed by the whale a punishment?  Did the whale want to eat Jonah, or save him?  What was Jonah running from?  What does the story of Jonah have in common with Jesus and the events of Holy Week?  Why did the whale finally spit Jonah out?  Why did Jonah get mad at God?  Who are the Ninevehites of today?  Who is Jonah today?  What was Jonah’s real job that God wanted him to do?  What is God really telling us in the Book of Jonah? What is he asking us?

In this series, we’re studying the book of Jonah.  We encourage you to read along with us and coming up with your own questions.  Once you have a question, write it down and search for an answer!