Crafters Group

Retreat Crafters Group

Sewing Christ's Love into All We Do!

What is the Crafters Group?

The Retreat Crafters Group enjoys using the crafting skills that God has given them to bless others in our community. Each month, this group gathers to create beautiful art, support each other in their faith, and enjoy fellowship. Their creations welcome, invite, inspire, and provide comfort for those who receive them. In the past, our crafters have created beautiful quilts, prayer shawls, handmade cards, and welcome baskets to name a few. The crafters also collect items each year for the Ingathering Mission of the Wisconsin Annual Conference.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, all are welcome to join in the fun. If you are active in a type of craft, bring a project along and show off your creativity. This group is always willing to learn something new!
If you would like to join this group for their next meeting, head over to our community calendar to find their next meeting date. If you would like more information of our group of talented crafters, send us an email at

Are you homebound but still want to help our mission?

Put your own love of crafting to work!

Our group realizes that there are many individuals who love to create beautiful pieces but are unable to join our meetings for various reasons.  Regardless of your situation, you can still put your hands to work spreading Christ's love to others!  Whether you love to knit, sew, or make homemade cards, your love of crafting can be used to brighten someone's day.  If you would like more information on how you can help our missions, please reach out to us!  Email us at or call Lynn Nelson at (608) 648-2255 for more information!  You can also find wonderful patterns and ideas for crafts through the links to the left.  Join us in loving others through a love of crafting!

Crafters Group