Keeping You Informed...

Check out the latest news and events from the Driftless Regional Ministry!

With several churches making up the Driftless Regional Ministry, it is not hard to imagine all that happens within and around the ministry.  Our churches are active in our communities.  That means there is always some sort of project or event ongoing in any one of our churches.  And that leads to plenty of news to share with everyone.

With all that is going on in our ministry, we strive to keep our faith family, friends, and community members up to date and informed about news and events.  The Driftless Regional Ministry features three monthly publications to fulfill this mission.  We also feature an event calendar on our website displaying events in and around the Driftless Regional Ministry.  We encourage you to browse through our newsletters and event calendar to see what is happening in our neck of the woods.

Who can attend your events?

Our events are always open to everyone who wish to attend. We love all people and invite you to join us sometime!  And feel free to bring a friend or two.  Be sure to check out our event calendar and pick out any event you're interested in.  Then make plans to join us.  We can't wait to see you!

May I sign up to receive one of your newsletters?

Absolutely!  While our three newsletters are written for the people of the Driftless Regional Ministry, we welcome everyone to read and enjoy them.  We invite you to page through our newsletters online and then feel free to subscribe to as many as you like.  You can find our three newsletters, "Shine""The Cross & The Flame", and "Westby Witness" all on this website.  Simply click on the links here, in the box to the right, or under the "Newsletters" sections of our "News and Events" tab in the main menu above.  Thank you for checking us out and we hope you enjoy our newsletters!