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A Safe Place for Imperfect People

We are just like you!  Our churches are full of broken, imperfect people longing to grow in our love and faith in God.  We each have our own kind of story, but thankfully we have a God who loves people wherever they are in life and invites them to a new and better life.  As a church family, we desire to be a part of this process, helping others connect with God and discover what His plan is for their life!

Be our guest! Whenever you visit, just make yourself at home. If you need directions, information, or have any questions, please just ask any of our greeters.  They’ll be happy to help!

A casual atmosphere.  We care about YOU, not what you’re wearing so feel free to come in jeans or whatever is comfortable.  Sit wherever you’d like and make yourself comfortable.  And don’t worry… we will not make you stand up in front of everyone!  We want you to feel comfortable, safe, and secure here, so come as you are and be accepted for who you are!

Prepare for a dive into the Bible!  Each of our worship services features a Biblical message that will connect to you in a practical way, allowing you to use the lessons learned and apply them to your own life while giving you opportunities to go deeper into the content.

We offer a fun and safe environment for all ages.  Whether they are a newborn baby or someone with more experience in life, all are welcome and treasured.  Each of our churches feature a Sunday School program during which the youth can learn and grow in their own faith while having fun with their friends along the way!  Whether they are frequent worship attendees or its their first visit, all youth are welcome to participate.  Sunday School is held at different times for each church, with some offering it during the worship service.  See our Churches Page for more information about the Sunday School times.

Communion is normally celebrated on the first Sunday of each month.  Our communion is open to everyone who wishes to participate.  We view it as the Lord’s Table, not any one church or denomination’s table.  All are welcome at the Lord’s Table!

Music you may be familiar with… with an occasional surprise!  Our church families love the traditional hymns that may be familiar to you.  But on occasion, we do like to introduce some new hymns to our church family.  When you visit, you need not worry if you are unfamiliar with the words or tune as you are likely not alone!  The words to the hymns will be displayed on the screens at the front of the sanctuary and you are welcome to sing along or just hum the tune in your heart.  Worship the Lord in your own unique way!

We are excited to meet you!

Visit a place safe for everyone!